Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Downton Abbey Season 6 Episode 5 Best Lines

Carson: Are these done enough? This plate is cold...which is a pity. Bubble and squeak as a vegetable with lamb? This knife could do with sharpening. It's been a while since she played with her patty pans.

Good grief Mr. Carson! What has happened to the happiest man alive!

As Mrs. Patmore says: Men and sigh!!!!

Mr. Mason: It does me good to see a friendly woman bustling about the kitchen!

Back off Daisy! I smell another senior romance here. And has anyone else noticed that the lovely Cockney footman has more than a passing interest in Daisy? Another romance amongst the pigs. Mmmmm.

Tom: We were evenly matched Sybil and I. She was strong in her beliefs, so was I. We were a marriage of equals. We were very happy.
Lady Mary: I think we see that now, the family I mean. Not at first you're right, but now.

Good for you Tom! Giving Mary advice on affairs of the heart. Someone should point her in the right direction and you are the only one she trusts I think!

Tom: Long live our own Queen Mary!

Lady Edith: Victorian women growing into modern women.
New Lady Editor: And the price they paid...

Great episode for Lady Edith. She hires a helper, gets a kiss and plans a future away from Downton. Now if only Lady Mary wasn't sniffing around about Marigold. Look out!

Denker to Dr Clarkson: She's been running this village since you've been eating porridge in the glen with your mammy!
Lady Violet: You have read too many novels! You have seen too many moving pictures!

Oh this was a bit of fun to see Dame Maggie Smith wind up to fever pitch about Denker disgracing her. And always fun to see the sparring between Denker and Septimus Spratt!

Lord Grantham: If this is it, just know I have loved you very very much.
Lady Cora: This isn't it. We won't let this be it.

It was hard to find a photo that wasn't too graphic for the burst ulcer scene. If  you would like to see the GIF which plays it over and over, the link is here to Vanity Fair's Downton Gore Page.

Let's hope next week has less blood and more great lines!


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