Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stephen Fry- Actor of the Week

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is truly a national treasure in England. He is part of the culture of Britain at this point. I love him. He is such a wonderful combination of intelligence and vulnerability as well as being a fantastic actor. Comedy is his specialty, having started out in the Cambridge Footlights Club with Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie who both remain his dear friends to this day. Emma Thompson once described Stephen Fry as "90% gay, 10% other" but I say he is 100% fabulous!

His love of all things technological is well documented. He owned one of the very first Apple computers in the 80s and apparently has a collection of mobile phones. He is a regular on Twitter where he mostly hilarious but occasionally likes to bring attention to various charities and causes, the most recent of which is the campaign to return the Parthenon marbles to Greece.

Stehpen Fry as Oscar Wilde

In the film Wilde, he portrays Oscar Wilde himself. An obvious bit of casting, this one looks fabulous, and yet I have never seen it. Can anyone give us a recommendation? I think I'll hunt this one out. I love Oscar Wilde and I love Stephen Fry.

Oscar Wilde:  In this life there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants. The other is getting it.

Stephen Fry as Inspector Thompson in Gosford Park

In Gosford Park, he plays the hilariously inept Inspector Thompson. There is so much going on in this film but even so, Fry's Inspector Thompson stands out. Comic genius.

Constable Dexter: Sir, someone's traipsed a load of mud in down here.
Inspector Thompson: Not now, Dexter, please.

Constable Dexter: Inspector, there's a broken coffee cup down here.
Inspector Thompson: Dexter, they have people to clear these things up. You get on with your own job.

Stephen Fry as Jeeves and Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster

Perfectly cast as the all knowing valet Jeeves in Jeeves and Wooster, Fry and Laurie seem to be having the time of their lives filming three wonderful seasons of P. G. Wodehouse's dynamic duo.

Bertie Wooster: Tell me, Jeeves, were you always like this, or did it come on suddenly?
Jeeves: Sir?
Bertie Wooster: The brain, the gray matter. Were you an outstandingly brilliant child?
Jeeves: My mother thought me intelligent, sir.
Bertie: Well, can't go by that. My mother thought me intelligent.

Stephen Fry as The Duke of Wellington in Blackadder 3 with Hugh Laurie as the Prince Regent

Stephen and Hugh were together again in a few Blackadders. The episode above from Blackadder the Third is entitled Duel and Duality with The Duke of Wellington challenging the Prince Regent (Hugh Laurie) to a duel for taking advantage of his nieces. Of course it ends up Blackadder involved and mayhem ensues.

Duke of Wellington: There's only one way to win a campaign: SHOUT, SHOUT AND SHOUT AGAIN!

Stephen Fry as General Melchett with Rowan Atkinson as Blackadder

Stephen was also in Blackadder Goes Forth as General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett. Hilarious as usual. Must watch this again soon!

Blackadder: Remember you mentioned a clever boyfriend?
Nurse Mary: Yes.
Blackadder: I leapt on the opportunity to test you. I asked if he'd been to one of the great universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Hull.
Nurse Mary: Well?
Blackadder: You failed to spot that only two of those are great universities!
Nurse Mary: You swine!
Melchett: That's right! Oxford's a complete dump!

Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes

As Sherlock's brother Mycroft in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, we get to see a bit more of Stephen than usual. Thankfully for some strategic photography, not too much, as he walks around completely naked in one scene.

Mycroft Holmes: Good evening, Mrs Watson. I'm the other Holmes.
Mary Watson: You mean there's *two* of you? How marvelous! Could this evening get any better?

Stephen Fry as host of QI

When I have a few moments to myself and I need a good laugh, I find a snippet of QI on YouTube. I will warn you if you haven't seen this before, this is one of the most entertaining quiz shows around and will suck you into the Youtube vortex for hours. Feeling brave?

So hopefully this post has given you lots of inspiration for viewing (or re-watching) some of Stephen Fry's work, both period and modern. I know I am going to dig out some Blackadder at the very least!


  1. Sorry for being so OT - but looking at your most recent posts, this was the best I could do. :) I mean, Stephen Fry IS actually in The Hobbit, even though not in the first movie - but here's a Hobbit featurette that might be of interest:

    I think you'll enjoy it for Richard Armitage's singing alone, if for no other reason - which in itself makes me feel justified in posting this. :)

    And of course I love Stephen Fry - especially in Jeeves & Wooster - and I was tickled pink that he was cast in The Hobbit. There! I've managed to be a bit ON topic, and perfectly sincerely too. ;)


    1. Hi LRK, any comments are lovely and Stephen Fry is never off topic! I love him and I hope he will someday involve himself in a Georgette Heyer adaptation as he is a fan of the books.
      So he isn't in the first Hobbit? Tant pis, at least we have the lovely Richard and singing too! Sigh! Thanks for the link. Off I go!

  2. I've just watched all of the Kingdom series. Loved him in that. Pity it was canceled. I wanted more.




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