Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pride and Prejudice Location- My afternoon at Pemberley

As I am on vacation for the next week, I thought I would dig out an old post for you and relive my day at Pemberley. It was a lovely afternoon three summers ago now, in 2009...

OK, now that I have got your attention with the breathtaking view of Pemberley (AKA Lyme Park, Cheshire), I will take you there.  It was last summer and we had just driven down from the Lakes District and through busy Manchester (yes the same city where Beckham used to play for Manchester United) and found our way to Disley, Cheshire, just on the east side of England's seventh largest city.
At the gate, they gave us a CD to pop into the player in the car which gave an audio tour of the park, with music from P&P, as we drove in.  Very nice touch and I am sick to think that we left it in the rental car!!!
After a torrential downpour (unusual for England-usually a drizzle) during which we had lunch and browsed the gift shop, the sky finally cleared.  It was a Wednesday, and the interior of the house was not open, but I really just wanted to see the grounds and all the outdoor locations of the beloved miniseries as they used a different house for the interiors (I'll blog about that one another day).
The first view you get is not the one above, which is the back of the house, but this:
"I hope you are not displeased with Pemberley."
Excitement building? It was for me.  This drive, of course, is where the Gardiner's carriage was parked when Lizzy was trying to hurry them away.  Maybe this next shot will help to visualize.

Did your heart just skip a beat?  Notice that the sun came out just as we approached the courtyard and peeked through the arch.  Then we walked through and...
I swear I could actually see Mr. Darcy running down those steps in those boots (oh those boots) and buttoning his jacket.  I couldn't believe I was actually there.  Then we walked through to the rear of the building and my husband (The Squire as I affectionately call him) got the beautiful sunny shot which I use for my main blog photo.
"I confess I had no idea Pemberley was such a great estate."
 We had to hurry now, as all the rain delay meant that we were nearing closing time.  We saw the sunken gardens which are just to the left of the walk in the view above.
And then we walked past that glorious rear facade to the stairs...

"Do I ask too much to introduce my sister to you during your stay at Lambton?"

And then at the top of those steps, you turn back for the gorgeous view below.
"We must leave here at once.  Oh I wish we had never come."
We kept walking down this path and around the lake for the shot that everyone remembers as Lizzy's first view of Pemberley.
"I think one would be willing to put up with a good deal to be mistress of Pemberley."
And then the bell rang and we were hurried out of the grounds, back through the courtyard and onto the drive in front of the house again.  So off we drove to the Peaks district and to the next Pemberley (AKA Chatsworth).  But that is a blog for another day...


  1. "I swear I could actually see Mr. Darcy running down those steps in those boots (oh those boots) and buttoning his jacket." Eeeee! Isn't it great when both novel and film come together and suddenly your favorite characters are breathing in front of you? If I ever did get to see this location I don't think I would be able think of it as anything other than Lizzy & Darcy's home. Oh, Ms Austen, I love you so. Thanks, Jenny, for this post :D

    1. Hello Lady Disdain. There are certainly ghosts of Darcy and Lizzy lurking at Lyme Park!

  2. We were at Lyme Park only 3 weeks ago, it is such a beautiful house. We watched giggling to ourselves as a young woman posed her husband by the lake, white shirt and jacket slung over his shoulder, her very own Mr Darcy!! I'm sure she'll treasure those photos LOL.

    We also live near Haddon Hall (Jane Eyre, Princess Bride) and Chatsworth House. Who wouldn't want to live in Derbyshire?

    1. Hi Joss. Lucky you living so close to Lyme Park, Haddon Hall and Chatsworth. We saw all three on our "Pride and Prejudice Tour" as I like to call it. Adorable story about the modern Mr. Darcy. Good for her!

  3. I've never been to Pemberley, neither Lyme Park nor Chatsworth but I would love to, of course. Thanks for sharing your "luck" in this lovely post, Jenny! Looking forward to next one :-)

    1. Hello Maria Grazia. But you went to Dibley and shared with us thankfully as I have never been there. It's on my list too!




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