Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Claudie Blakley- Actor of the Week

Claudie Blakley
Claudie Blakley is already a treasure of the English stage and screen. She has a face which can be period or modern as the role requires and we have enjoyed her talent in quite a few in the past few years! She is the daughter of Alan Blakley of The Tremeloes (Silence is Golden always makes me think of Colin Firth in Love Actually!)

Claudie Blakley and Jeremy Northam in Gosford Park
Most of us first saw her as Mabel Nesbitt in Gosford Park. She was lovely as the glove manufacturer's daughter whose husband treats her badly after her fortune disappears. I rather loved Mabel with her green dress that Maggie Smith poked fun at.

Fenella Woolgar, David Tennant and Claudie Blakley in He Knew He Was Right
As the hilariously nutty Camilla French in He Knew He Was Right, competing with her sister Arabella for the affections of Reverend Gibson (played to a tee by David Tennant) she gave this miniseries some much needed levity.

Camilla: You don't touch me! I'll stab you in the heart! And her, and him, and then myself! And then you'll all be sorry!

Uncle: Well that's a great deal of stabbing my dear. You'd best get on with it.

Claudie Blakley as Charlotte Lucas
In Pride and Prejudice 2005, Claudie absolutely nails the character of Charlotte Lucas. I love the story that her confrontation scene with Lizzy about Mr. Collins was written by Emma Thompson, who is given a thanks credit in the film, for additional dialogue. This scene really sounds like Emma Thompson doesn't it?

Elizabeth Bennet: Charlotte!
Charlotte Lucas: My dear Lizzie. I've come to tell you the news. Mr. Collins and I are... engaged.
Elizabeth Bennet: To be married?
Charlotte Lucas: Yes of course. What other kind of engaged is there?
[Lizzie looks shocked]
Charlotte Lucas: Oh, for Heaven's sake! Don't look at me like that Lizzie! There is no Earthly reason why I shouldn't be as happy with him as any other.
Elizabeth Bennet: But he's ridiculous!
Charlotte Lucas: Oh hush! Not all of us can afford to be romantic. I've been offered a comfortable home and protection. There's alot to be thankful for.
Elizabeth Bennet: But...
Charlotte Lucas: I'm twenty - seven years old, I've no money and no prospects. I'm already a burden to my parents and I'm frightened. So don't you dare judge me Lizzie. Don't you dare!

Charlotte Lucas with feather
And surely I wasn't the only one who was absolutely transfixed by the feather in Claudie's hair seeming to be alive as she walked into Lady Catherine de Bourgh's drawing room. I rather love that scene now.

Claudie in Bright Star
Claudie was lovely in Bright Star as Maria Dilke, wife of Charles Wentworth Dilke. This is a lovely film, which never fails to make me cry.

Jem Hearne and Martha in Cranford
As Miss Matty's beloved servant and friend Martha in Cranford, Claudie Blakley gives one of her many brilliant performances. I love this photo of Jem and Martha having a cuddle and a serious chat.

Claudie Blakley as Cynthia Lennon in Lennon Naked
I did not see Lennon Naked, but this photo of Claudie as John Lennon's first wife Cynthia makes me want to see it. Can anyone recommend this?

Emma and Robert Timmins in Lark Rise to Candleford
Opposite Brendan Coyle in Lark Rise to Candleford, Claudie Blakley is absolutely perfection. Sigh. She has given us a gift hasn't she?

So here is another supremely talented English actress and we look forward to more brilliant work from her. Thanks Claudie!


  1. I love her work. I have to say I don't think I connected all the dots to realize that was the same person in all these roles. The blond hair really throws me off. I love all her roles but I think my favorite is Lark Rise to Candleford. I just love that series and that gives us so much more of her abilities to see. I didn't realize it was her in Bright Star (must've been the tears in my eyes the whole movie), and I didn't realize it was her in He Knew He Was Right. Thanks for pointing that all out. I haven't watched the Lennon one.

    1. She is a bit of a chameleon isn't she? Yes, I think Lark Rise is her best.

  2. Hi Jenny, I've seen her in everything you mentioned except Lennon film. I love the He Knew He Was Right quote, it's really funny! She is a good actress.

    (Kate, Leeds)

  3. i've seen her in all mentioned except for Lark Rise To Candleford and Lennon Naked. to me the feather in Pride and Prejudice symbolizes the absurdity of the situation (with the overwhelming reverence to Lady C De Bourg and the very sensitive effect of movement to the feather).
    loved her in Cranford, a chameleon for real.

    1. You have a treat in store if you haven't seen any of Lark Rise to Candleford.

      You're probably right about the meaning of the feather. I just never knew that kind of movement of a feather was possible!

  4. @mommbsta, I agree with Jenny, Claudie is wonderful in Lark Rise. Check to see if your local library has it on DVD.

  5. I loved her in Lark Rise to Candleford! And I've seen her in the majority of the works you mention. Great post.

  6. Lennon Naked was good, and worth watching, but not the best Beatles/Lennon movie ever. 3 out of 5 stars, I think.




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