Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Antiques Roadshow UK- My little weakness

Antiques Roadshow UK
Can you hear the single trumpet theme song of Antiques Roadshow UK in your head right now? If so, then you are one of the Antiques Roadshow addicts too. I'm glad I am not alone!

Why do I love Antiques Roadshow so much? Well, after finally figuring out how to use the DVR that I have had for a few months now I ended up with about 8 hours of the Roadshow recorded. So I had a marathon session last night which included 2 pots of tea and some chocolate I'm afraid. It is partly the history of the objects and the locations that pulls me in. That and the fact that I am inherently nosy, and I admit it makes me feel as if I am rummaging through other people's homes to see all of their treasures.

Fiona Bruce, the new presenter of Antiques Roadshow
Fiona Bruce is the new presenter of Antiques Roadshow. Apparently it is the new trend to have a sexy female presenter on shows from the UK these days. I admit that I was more fond of the previous male hosts, Michael Aspel (2000-2007) and Hugh Scully (1981-2000) but I'll try to keep an open mind.

Henry Sandon ceramics expert on Antiques Roadshow
My favourite expert has to be Henry Sandon. Who knew that one man could wax so poetic about ceramics and porcelain? He just loves his job and it's a joy to listen to him.

Paul Atterbury, expert on 20th century art and design
Paul Atterbury, an expert on art, decorative arts and design of the 19th and 20th centuries is a fount of knowledge and never seems to get stumped. He lectures and writes books on art and design, but admits that his most enjoyable activity is the Antiques Roadshow.

"Appearing on the Antiques Roadshow is an important and enjoyable part of my life. It appeals to me because I like meeting people and hearing their stories. Even though the Roadshow days are long and tiring, they are always exciting. Each item is a new challenge and a voyage into the unknown.”

Bunny Campione with her teddy bear
Bunny Campione is always fun to watch as she often does dolls or teddy bears or unusual miscellaneous items. This is her beloved teddy bear Hector in the photo above.

Lars Tharp with a large carp!
One of the many characters on Antiques Roadshow, Lars Tharp is often whipping his glasses off and holding objects just inches from his nose for closer inspection. Go Lars!

Antiques Roadshow at the Bowes Museum
The locations all across the UK where they film the Roadshow are also a big draw for me. My recent viewing stint included Brighton, The British Museum, Hever Castle and Chatsworth. And they always do a nice intro about the location to start off. How could you not love this show?????

OK, now it's confession time. How many of my readers are also known to spend (waste?) the occasional hour watching Antiques Roadshow when they should really be doing something else. Come on...

If it makes you feel any better, Robert Pattinson (famous vampire from Twilight) recently said that he wanted to be a presenter for Antiques Roadshow as he watched it when he was a child in England. “I would love to be presenting the show when some little old dear from Burnley comes in with a genuine Picasso or Rembrandt worth £5million.” I think we would all like to see that too Robert!

And although I like the PBS American version, I LOVE the BBC UK version. I guess it is more exotic from this side of the pond.


  1. Well, I don't "follow" it, but whenever I happen across it, I end up "stuck" into it. It's just so...cosy somehoow. There's a Swedish version also (I live in Sweden), but I've never really been tempted to watch it much (hence, also, of course, cannot comment on it.) Nobody does "cosiness" quite like the British, do they?:)

    Also, wasn't David Dickinson one of the experts a few years back? He now writes period mysteries, which I have not yet read, but I surely intend to.:)


  2. @Sarah and LRK- Glad to know I am not alone! Cozy indeed!

    Apparently there are 2 David Dickinsons, both having worked for the BBC. The antique expert is the one who dresses flamboyantly with the slightly orange skin tone. The author of period fiction/mysteries is a different guy. The books look great however, and I will have to read one or two I think.

    1. Oh! I had no idea - thanks for the corection. :) (One doesn't want to be guilty of spreading misinformation all over teh internetz - oops!)


  3. When you love antiques, you can present them easily and audience will enjoy and understand you. I believe the presenters of “Antiques Roadshow” are really passionate about what they talk about; so you, as part of the audience, can really learn and enjoy their show. Antiques mean a lot to our culture, and those passionate presenters make it more valuable for those antique lovers and collectors. :)

  4. Regarding Henry Sandon, our favorite antiques expert as well, when my wife and I first encountered him on Antiques Roadshow, we turned to each other at the same time and shouted, "It's Mr. Fezziwig!" He reminds us for all the world of Mr. Fezziwig from Dicken's, "A Christmas Carol", as seen in the well known illustration "Fezziwig's Ball" by John Leech




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