Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jeremy Northam- Actor of the Week

Ah, Jeremy Northam. This guy can do period drama. Or period comedy. Or anything in a cravat! No, seriously, he has been in some of my favourite films. I mean first we have Emma:

Jeremy Northam as Mr. Knightley in Emma 1996

"Try not to kill my dogs."

And then we have him playing the only real life character in Gosford Park, composer/singer/actor Ivor Novello:

Jeremy Northam in Gosford Park

Morris Weissman: How do you manage to put up with these people?
Ivor Novello: Well, you forget, I make my living impersonating them.

Then we have him in Henry James' The Golden Bowl with Kate Beckinsale Anjelica Huston and Uma Thurmon:

Has anyone seen this one? I didn't know this one even existed.  I will have to track it one down and let you know what I think. It looks interesting, even though I am not a great fan of Henry James in general.

As he is maturing, he is getting some interesting meaty roles like Sir Thomas More in The Tudors:

Jeremy Northam as Sir Thomas More in The Tudors
Sir Thomas More: If the lion knows its own strength, no man could control it...

And I loved him opposite Peter O'Toole in Dean Spanley. An adaptation of an Edwardian era novella about a father/son relationship and a reincarnated dog. I kid you not. It is adorable!

Jeremy Northam and Peter O'Toole in Dean Spanley

"It's often occurred to me that pulling a dog away from a lamppost is akin to seizing a scholar at the British Museum by the scruff of his neck and dragging him away from his studies."

And in support of Movember, we have Jeremy Northam playing THE Ideal Husband. I may have my hubby watch this one again...

Julianne Moore and Jeremy Northam in An Ideal Husband
Sir Robert Chiltern: If you are suggesting, Sir Edward, that my position in society owes anything to my wife, you are utterly mistaken. It owes everything to my wife.

And he is uber sexy opposite Jennifer Ehle in Possession:

Jennifer Ehle and Jeremy Northam in Possession
Randolph Ash: They say that women change: 'tis so: but you are ever-constant in your changefulness, like that still thread of falling river, one from source to last embrace in the still pool ever-renewed and ever-moving on from first to last a myriad water-drops.

Be still my beating heart! And last but not least, my fave quote from the film Emma, although it is not to be found in Jane Austen's book, I think she would approve!

Jeremy Northam and Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma
Mr. Knightley: Marry me. Marry me, my wonderful, darling friend.

So...which of Jeremy's films is your fave? There were so many great films, I didn't even get them all into this post! Keep them coming Jeremy!


  1. Very happy to see a post in honour of the lovely Mr Northam.

  2. Jeremy Northam is great in all I've seen him in, but one of my favorites not mentioned here is The Winslow Boy. Slow moving, but thought provoking film. The last scene is fantastic:
    Sir Robert Morton, referring to women's suffrage: It's a lost cause.
    Kathrine Winslow: Do you really think so? How little you know about women. Good-bye. I doubt that we shall meet again.
    Sir Robert: Oh, do you really think so, Miss Winslow? How little you know about men.

  3. Mr Knightley: "I rode through the rain! I'd - I'd ride through worse than that if I could just hear your voice telling me that I might, at least, have some chance to win you."

  4. Jeremy is one of my favorite actors. He can play anything! He does so much acting with his eyes, and I can't praise him enough. Thanks for the post. I can't get enough of this guy. (Can you tell?)

  5. @GillFraserLee- Thanks! You have a great Jeremy Northam site. I had fun checking it out!

    @Janeheiress- I haven't seen The Winslow Boy either, although I have heard of it. I will have to check that one out too!

    @mariannec- Another lovely quote. And his facial expression when he says that! Mmmmm...

    @Mary- You are showing your superior taste in men again! I love his eyes too.

  6. I think he does a great job also. And he is very handsome. Emma, I haven't seen most of the others. suzan

  7. Me encanta es uno de mis actores favoritos. Sobre todo en Emma.




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