Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elizabeth Gaskell Poll- Which adaptation is your fave?


North & South

Wives and Daughters
Which Elizabeth Gaskell adaptation is your fave?
North and South
Wives and Daughters free polls 

Next question is: Which other Mrs. Gaskell novels, novellas or short stories would you like to see the BBC tackle next? I'll start the ball rolling with Mary Barton. It hasn't been done by the Beeb as an adaptation since 1964 so I think it is long overdue.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below, or just tell us which of the above is the adaptation you have watched the most, or could least afford to be without? This is a tough poll as all 3 are absolutely brilliant!


  1. Dear Jenny:

    I just voted ... had to go for "Cranford", (although most voters are going for "North and South") since winter is coming on and its the most cozy of the three. But this was really tough! Three fabulous Gaskell adaptations. Must now make time to watch all three! I loved your posting on "Wives and Daughters" - my children are getting as good as The Squire at pointing out actors who have done other roles (although their references are nearly always Harry Potter series characters ... "Beatrix LeStrange and Professor McGonnigle go to Florence" was how I described A Room With a View to your niece!

    Speaking of colder weather, it's almost time to watch Love Actually - let the Christmas countdown begin.

    Big Sister

  2. North and South - Mostly because of Richard and Daniela - The casting was perfect, and the acting was superb.

  3. I'm sure you'll guess which is my favourite adaptation among the 3, won't you?
    As for a new Gaskell adaptation, I'd love to see her MARY BARTON on screen. Many of the themes are the same as in North and South. It was her first published novel and it provoked great havoc among the mill owners in Manchester at the time (1948). Social issues and a love triangle, why not?

  4. @ Big Sis-Beatrix LeStrange and Professor McGonagall go to Florence. LOL! I was thinking that this weekend might be Love Actually time also.

    @Mary- North and South seems to be the winner. I thought it would be closer but there is no denying the appeal of Richard and Daniela.

    @Maria Grazia-You won't get any argument from me about Mr. Armitage. :) And perhaps you and I should contact the BBC about Mary Barton. Someone is sleeping on the job!

  5. Cranford for me! I love the women, especially Miss Pole! Cranford has a mixture of happiness and sadness in the story. Cranford makes me feel cosy. I watch it wearing my favourite PJ's under a comfy blanket with a warm drink.


    Kate from Leeds xx

  6. @Kate-Sounds lovely and cozy. It is good for cold weather viewing, especially the Christmas scenes. I love Miss Pole too. By the way, I Googled Miss Pole to get Imelda Staunton's name and pole dancing filled the entire page! ;)

    I still have to finish Wives and Daughters and then I think I have Love Actually next in line, but after that I think Cranford would be great early December viewing.

  7. Wives and Daughters is by far the best book and adaptation for me. I didn't love the cast of North and South and the ending was so wrong!




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