Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch- Actor of the Week

Benedict Cumberbatch
Well, my choice of Benedict Cumberbatch for my actor of the week was easy after the enthusiastic response to my Sherlock post earlier in the week. Apparently he has quite a following and no wonder. Talented and very handsome (in a striking kind of way) he has also done a fair number of period dramas. He sounds like he has a good sense of humour, as is evidenced by his comment on his name and **ahem** other topics.

"Cumberbatch - it sounds like a fart in a bath, doesn't it? What a fluffy old name. I can never say it on a Monday morning. When I became an actor, Mum wasn't keen on me keeping it."

 "I always seem to be cast as slightly wan, ethereal, troubled intellectuals or physically ambivalent bad lovers. But I’m here to tell you I’m quite the opposite in real life. In fact I’m a f***ing fantastic lover."

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in Sherlock

On Martin Freeman (Dr. John Watson) in Sherlock at the 2011 Bafta awards- "It is a double act, and he’s my wingman and he’s just phenomenal, and he’s a joy to work with. In no small way, he keeps me afloat and happy during the day as well. And he’s just a brilliant presence to be around. He’s just a scream. And we adore each other. In a very *platonic*, non… you know, way."

Benedict Cumberbatch in War Horse with Patrick Kennedy and Tom Hiddleston
Recalling his audition for the part of Major Jamie Stewart in War Horse, based on a novel by Michael Morpurgo, Benedict says: "Steven (Spielberg) wanted me to go and read a script. I went along, had a little chat about the part and off I went. A week and a half later I got another call from my agent who said, ‘Ben, he wants you to do it’. I was so excited. It was the most grown up moment of my life. I was told I couldn’t tell anyone. I was walking around with this huge grin on my face and couldn’t speak with excitement.”

He had to learn how to ride a horse for the role. Apparently although he attended the tony Harrow School with the horsy set of the English aristocracy, he had only minimal experience on a horse.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Paul Marshall in Atonement
As Paul Marshall in Atonement, Cumberbatch plays a creepy rapist who lets poor Robbie (James McAvoy) go to jail for his crime. Not my favourite role of his, but effective. Perhaps too effective!

Benedict Cumberbatch as Peter Guillam in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
He has a meaty role in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy however, why did they have to change the character of Guillam into a homosexual for the film? Not appreciated by the ladies!

Benedict Cumberbatch as Bernard in Small Island
Apparently, he won a best supporting actor BAFTA for his role as "dull and sexless" Bernard in Small Island. This looks very intriguing even if his character is dull and sexless!!! Anyone seen it?

Benedict Cumberbatch as Pitt the Younger in Amazing Grace
Phwoar! Methinks I like him in a powdered wig! As William Pitt the Younger in Amazing Grace, he makes one nice looking Prime Minister. Nothing against David Cameron but really...

Benedict Cumberbatch in To the Ends of the Earth
As Edmund Talbot, an English gentleman sailing to Australia to take up a government post, he makes the miniseries To the Ends of the Earth really look like it's worth watching. Especially if I tell you there is a lovely scene with his naked posterior (click here for a view of the elusive cumberbutt) running around the ship! Again, anyone seen this one?

He has done a few more period dramas including Creation, The Other Boleyn Girl, Tipping the Velvet, Dunkirk and  Van Gogh: Painted with Words. He also alternated roles in Frankenstein with Jonny Lee Miller for National Theatre Live. They each got to play the role of Dr. Frankenstein and The Creature on different performances.

We look forward to the next season of Sherlock, as well as his voicing of Smaug in The Hobbit and an as yet unnamed bad guy in the new Star Trek film. Rock on Benedict!


  1. Oh, thank you, Jenny!! So nice to see my (imaginary) husband get the credit he's due. Please do a post on our best man, Martin Freeman, as well.

    Now I must get thee to my Netflux queue and load it up with some of that elusive cumberbutt (you are a riot!)

    1. To the Ends of the Earth does sound good now doesn't it? Oh that elusive cumberbutt!

  2. British actors are pretty impressive. I think acting is a part of their DNA, but even among exceptional actors, Cumberbatch shines. I was in awe of his performances in Sherlock Holmes. Even in Tinker Tailor, where he had to do a lot with a little, he was wonderful.

    1. I agree Mary. I hope Benedict has many more good roles in the future!

  3. I've only seen him in Sherlock. I enjoyed the info you posted. loved the pics

  4. Hi, first time on your blog :)
    I'm a huge Austen fan so your address immediately caught my attention and your latest post is on, of all people, 'He Who Can Never Be Called Cumbersome' Cumberbatch! Two of my obsessions in one go, so not a bad search for me I think. Have you watched Sherlock? The only other film I've seen him in is "Atonement" (he's revolting in it - guess it means he's doing his job right) and also "Starter for Ten" in which McAvoy also starrs :P
    Sorry for the tangent. Glad to have found your blog :)

    1. Welcome. Sounds like you are in the right place! Sherlock is a new one for me and I am lovin' it!!!

  5. Lucy Lu is playing Watson in the new Jonny Lee Miller Sherlock Holmes adaptation. Interesting concept. Here's a link:

    1. Ooooo...I am now hopeful but doubtful at the same time. Hard to improve on Cumberbatch and Freeman. I like the idea of Jonny Lee Miller but Lucy Liu? We'll see I suppose. I don't mind the NYC setting. Just skeptical.

  6. Ah, how timely!:) Not that he is actually in it - I'm guessing they'll be keeping his part of the proceedings under TIGHT wraps - but here's the new Hobbit blog, for whoever is interested:

    But to keep more in line with the theme of this post, here's an interview with Cumberbatch on his role/s in The Hobbit:

    Which, in the interests of full disclosure, I found here:

    As for myself I've only as yet seen Amazing Grace - but I thought he was wonderful in it, and a scene - you know which one! - almost made me cry. When I first heard he was to voice Smaug I "Hmmm... " and then "yeah, I can see - or hear - that - intriguing... " and the more I've thought of it the more I love the idea, to the point that now I'd venture to call it "Awesome!":)


  7. Have watched a bunch of his work in the last month: Small Island, small part but he was fantastic in it; To the Ends of the Earth--completely adorable; Third Star--again cute, but heartbreaking; Starter for 10--small part but geeky hysterical and kinda stole the movie. Hope to see Frankenstein when shown in theaters soon.

  8. I highly recommend To the Ends of The Earth. That's my first taste of Cumberbatch and it has the wonderful Jared Harris. Missed Small Island when it was on Masterpiece, but would still like to watch. Love him with dark hair on Sherlock and as unnamed Star Trek character as seen in film stills on I09. He's definitely grown on me. He did do a great job of being revolting on Atonement.

  9. BBC Sherlock is a classic with great acting, music and clever scripts! Nice post about Cumberbatch :)

  10. and what a voice this sexy man has...

  11. Hi Jenny. I had a very lovely but strange dream about Benedict Cumberbatch last night. I was at Highclere Castle walking around in a gorgeous purple ballgown and crying for some reason (don't know why). All of a sudden, Benedict came through a door, walked towards me and said, "Don't cry." Then he kissed me on the lips, wiped tears from my eyes and winked at me.

    I have only seen Benedict in War Horse, Atonement, Small Island and Van Gogh: Painted with Words documentary. I've never seen Sherlock but I've heard it's good. I also love Benedict's voice it's very relaxing and I think he is very goodlooking! xx

  12. Benedict for the Duke of Avon in These Old Shades by Georgette Heyer.




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