Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 7

SPOILER ALERT! This post is intended for those who have already seen Season 4 Episode 7

We started this action packed episode quietly enough. Good old Cora is organizing the church bazaar in order that we get some fun outdoor scenes while we await the return of Lord Grantham from America. Loverly!

But poor Anna!!!! As if it wasn't bad enough that she had to endure Mr. Green again AND tell Mary the entire truth, NOW she is pretty darn sure she is married to a murderer. I think she had a fair chance of regaining some peace and happiness if she just never had to see Mr. Green again as those memories would gradually fade. But the knowledge that your husband is a cold blooded killer? That one is forever I think. Oh, dear.

On a lighter note, Lady Mary is getting some teasing about her many suitors. Tony Gillingham (a devoted dark horse), Evelyn Napier (nah, boring) and Mr. Blake (yes, I think we can guess that he is the one to tame this fiery brunette). And now we have a master of the pigs in our tenant farmer Mr. Drew. Hurrah!!!!

I rather loved the Daisy story line (finally!) as she ducked out of seeing Alfred at the bazaar to have a down home picnic with the adorable Mr. Mason. I truly wished I could join them for beer, bread and cheese, chutney and did I spy some sweets? And look at that view!

But Mr. Mason gives Daisy some good advice and I think we were all a bit touched by her basket of goodies (and cider!) given in friendship, which finally seems to make an impression on the great big dolt. Anyone think Daisy should get Mr. Mason to fix her up with a nice steady young man and then have the pair join him on the farm to sell organic jams and goodies? No, I suppose that won't work.

So Edith is off to Switzerland? You have to love Aunt Rosamund. "I thought I would go to Switzerland! You know what the French are like. The Swiss are so clean." So Edith is expected to give her wanted baby to a strange Swiss couple because they are clean?!

But Violet (who quickly figured out why Edith needed cherishing) thinks that giving the baby to the master of the pigs is not very well thought out either. Oh, where has Michael gone! What a mess!

Now if you blinked, you might have missed a few other plot points. A fair bit of time was given to Rose and her jazz singer, who was quite growing on me especially when he showed the maturity lacking in his lady love.

Here is the rest. Isobel has an admirer. Tom's teacher/political lady seems to be telegraphing interest in him. Molesley and Baxter seem to be an item. What were they serving in the punch at the bazaar??? Mr. Green gets thrown under a Picadilly bus before Tony Gillingham can even fire him. And Lord Grantham and Thomas are back from America smoothing over Cora's brother's involvement in The Teapot Dome Scandal (OK, that one was pointed out to us emphatically. Did you catch that one?) Tony Gillingham had called off his engagement and is ready to wait years until Mary is ready for him. Did I miss anything?

Can't wait for the Christmas special where we see Rose presented AT COURT. And Shirley MacLaine and Paul Giamatti as the crude American relations should be worth watching.

Best lines of the night:

Isobel: It's only me.
Violet: I always feel that greeting betrays such a lack of self worth.

Baxter: I've had my stuffing kicked out more than once.

Mrs. Patmore: Blimey. He puts a lot in a letter does Alfred.

Jack Ross: A black singer and the daughter of a Marquis in a North Yorkshire town. Why should we attract any attention?

Molesley (to Baxter): It's only coffee. You won't have to surrender any of your independence.

Violet: Rosamund has no interest in French. If she wishes to be understood by a foreigner, she shouts.

Violet: Switzerland has everything to offer except perhaps conversation. And one can learn to live without that.

Mrs. Patmore (to Daisy): If you were my own daughter I couldn't be prouder than I am right now!

Awwwww! See you next week!


  1. Seems like a lot is going on this season!! How fun trying to keep up with it all!

  2. This was one of my favorite episodes. There was so much emotion packed in. I adored the scene where Lord Grantham sees Cora. That was such a short but entirely delightful scene. Mrs. Patmore and Daisy. AWWWW I love their relationship. Considering, in real life Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes would be the only mothers that Daisy would have known. Another short blip was when Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes were talking about how to help Daisy by giving her the day off, and Mr. Carson was behind them with a concerned look on his face. It was just a short little thing, but it was sweet. It was hysterical how offended Violet was that Isobel's flowers were bigger. I REALLY want to see a relationship between Molesley and Baxter. Whatever Thomas has on her....I'm hoping that Molesley WILL find a spine and put Thomas down HARD. I have the feeling maybe Baxter either made a mistake that turned in to something awful, or something that was NOT her fault turned into something awful and it will LOOK like it was her. Regardless, I like her and I want her to be free of that (insert at least five foul insults here) Thomas.

    I still think that Julian Fellows is punking us with the death of Mr. Green. I think that Mr. Bates may have gone to York with the intention of harming Mr. Green. But I don't think that he did. It may be wishful thinking, but I'm sticking with it!

  3. This season is so good! I loved seeing Daisy relaxing and growing up and getting over the pettiness that has characterized her character.

    I'm enjoying Mary's many suitors almost as much as she is.

    Edith, Edith, Edith--did she really think she could keep her baby secreted away on a farm, be part of its life, and no one would know?

    I, for one, don't think Carson did Green in. I have to believe that Anna was not the only woman he ever assaulted, so perhaps he was a marked man, just marked by someone else seeking justice.

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  6. Does anyone know what kind of cups Anna and Baxter are holding in this episode?




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