Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rush 2013

My husband (affectionately called The Squire in this blog) was excited to see Ron Howard's latest offering Rush so we went to see it for our Saturday night date this week. As a boy he wasn't a huge racing fan, but knew of Niki Lauda and James Hunt and was interested to see something different from the films I usually drag him to!

I had heard good things about this film, as well as occasionally seeing Ron Howard's Twitter pics of filming over the past year or so, and was curious to see it. I really knew nothing about it except the fact that it was about Formula One racing in the 1970s. And that made it even more enjoyable as I had no idea where this story was going as it unfolded.

So I won't tell you anything about the plot, except that Chris Hemsworth does a great job of playing the hedonistic English driver James Hunt and German/Spanish actor Daniel Brühl does an even better job of playing the cooler more calculating Austrian driver Niki Lauda.

There are two strong female leads, Olivia Wilde and Alexandra Maria Lara who give us a look at what it was to be involved with these crazy, risk takers. And kudos to Ron Howard for showing us that he really knows how to tell a story.

So I will leave it there. Go and see this with someone who might like a car film. Trust me, you will really like it. It's not the usual vacuous fare so prevalent in theaters these days. Thanks Ron!



  1. I look forward to seeing this movie in France. I remember the rivalry between these two runners of legend, and the serious accident of Niki Lauda. And of course, I adore all that makes Ron also. It is one of better directors of our time !

    1. Hi Muriel! You will really like this one if you remember Niki Lauda's accident. I want to see it again as there was so much to look at in this film. Enjoy!

  2. Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity.

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