Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 6

SPOILER ALERT! This post is intended for those who have already seen Season 3 Episode 6!

Bates is back, the ladies are in light mourning now (already out of black and into lavender?) and the baby is christened. In the Catholic church!! By a man in a frock!!!

Lady Cora: What's the matter Robert? Are you afraid you'll be converted when you're not looking?

I am hopeful that Lady Edith (Jane Eyre) and her new employer (Mr. Rochester the editor) go ahead despite the crazy wife in the attic. At least Edith knows about her and so can plan her actions accordingly. Go for it Edith. He's way better than the married farmer or the disfigured Patrick from Season 2 although I bet he doesn't have a lovely estate like Sir Anthony! By the way, best nickname for Edith on the web- POOR MEdith! Bwahahaha!

Lots and lots of cricket talk. Confusing for we non-Brits but interesting. Everyone dressed like we are in Brideshead Revisited. And Tom Branson is truly a toff now! But Molesley was the star of the cricket match. Teehee!

So happy that Ethel's problem has been solved, in spite all of  Isobel Crawley's "life rebuilding". I hope we get to see more of her and little Charlie in Season 4. Now Violet has had her charity case too. Poor Shrimpy's daughter Rose arrives to occupy the Dowager and give us a glimpse inside a 1920's jazz club. I did like that scene, I must say.

We must be about to see more of the frizzy haired Rose in the future methinks. And what is it with the botanical  names Lord Fellowes? Violet, Daisy, Ivy, Rose? All we need is a Lily and we have a flower shop!

Thomas the valet goes and attacks Jimmy the footman in his sleep...what??? O'Brien has some amazing mind control powers! So he's let go with a nice letter of reference, no now he is fired without a reference, no now he's back and with a promotion. And Jimmy also promoted. What's going on down there? And the tall footman Alfred makes yet another face like he smells something foul. Like Thomas?

Glad to know Mary's 20 minute operation in London which no one noticed or questioned has fixed the unnamed "Lady Problem". Did that problem have anything to do with Mr. Pamuk by any chance?

So now we await another 2 hour episode next week (which aired on Christmas Day in the UK). The family goes to Shrimpy's estate in Scotland for a shooting party, the staff stay back at Downton and enjoy a fall fair and we wind it up for another year. Julian Fellowes is writing Season 4 as we speak but it's a long time until next January my friends!


Violet: What is the Scarlet Letter? It sounds most unsuitable.

Violet: You cannot want your granddaughter to grow up in a garage with that drunken gorilla?

Ethel: These days a working woman must have a skill.
Violet: But you seem to have so many!

Carson to Thomas: I do not wish to take a tour of your revolting world!

Lord Grantham: If I shouted blue murder every time someone tried to kiss me at Eton, I'd be hoarse within a month.

Matthew: Married men who wish to seduce young women always have horrid wives.

Kieran Branson: And what would I change into? A pumpkin?

Lord Grantham: Tom doesn't want me (at the christening). All that crossing and bobbing up and down. I went to a mass once in Rome. It was more like a gymnastics display. (Kieran Branson laughs)


  1. Learned a new word last night: squiffy - drink too much. Loved it!

    I am going to start a Free Edith campaign like they did for John Bates. Please allow something normal to happen to this girl!

    1. Hi Mary. Did you survive last night's episode? That puts a twist on next year doesn't it? And perhaps Edith will get to live in sin with her editor? She deserves to have a little fun after what she has been through. And I mean it is the roaring 20s now right? Rose can't have all the fun!

  2. I'm sorry that my comment is not about Downton at all - iin fact, since I haven't seen it yet, I'm actually AVOIDING reading your Downton posts - but I think you will forgive me for straying from the topic, when I share this link:

    I think you'll be happy to see that there's more Call the Midwife in the future.:) But, mostly, I thought you might be interested in this:

    "Death Comes To Pemberley

    3 x 60 serial, written by Juliette Towhidi (Calendar Girls) and made by Origin Pictures for BBC One.

    Adapted from P.D James' international bestselling novel in this 200th anniversary year of the first publication of 'Pride & Prejudice', P.D James' remarkably inventive homage to Austen brings the much-loved world to life in a dazzling and original way. Set six years after 'Pride & Prejudice' ends and centering on Austen's best-known characters, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, the three-parter combines classic period drama with a highly suspenseful and brilliantly crafted murder mystery plot. "

    I needed to share this, and I immediately thought of you.:)


    PS - In more costume drama news - Mr Selfridge has been renewed for a S2, as well, recently.

    1. Awesome news LRK! (I have taken to calling you Lark, as you are definitely a friend at this point and I thought you needed a name). I did read Death comes to Pemberley but I'll have to go back and read it again, picturing a film. Happy to hear about the next Call the Midwife and Mr. Selfridge (I look forward to season one of the latter). In that same link you sent me there was also news of an adaptation of Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier.
      "A bold new adaptation of the classic Daphne du Maurier novel, set in 1820 against the foreboding backdrop of windswept Cornish moors, this highly charged, gothic romance follows young Mary Yellan as she becomes entangled in a dangerous criminal world ridden with smuggling and murder, testing her resolve and morality to the very core."
      I just watched Du Maurier's Rebecca with Charles Dance and Emilia Fox this past week. I will review it soon and it makes me want more Daphne Du Maurier!
      Thanks for the info. This was all news to me!

    2. "Lark" - love it. :) LRK are just my initials - I'm awful at coming up with user names, so I generally just go with that.

      About Jamaica Inn - "bold" tends to make me nervous. :) But then, you can never REALLY tell with these news-thingies. I remember becoming quite nervous when Arthur Clennam was described as "dashing" - but it turned out my fears were baseless, thank Heaven!

      So, shall I sign myself henceforth here as

      Lark? :)

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