Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

What A Girl Wants 2003

What A Girl Wants is one of my guilty pleasures. I know it is not a "great" film, but it doesn't purport to be Oscar-worthy. It is just trying to be a fun, light chick flick and it succeeds at that in abundance.  I kind of love it actually.

Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth as father and daughter in What a Girl Wants

A remake of the 1958 film The Reluctant Debutante with Sandra Dee and Rex Harrison, it is another twist on a classic story. The daughter who reestablishes a connection with her long lost father (in this case, he never knew about her), the evil step-sister, the clash of different cultures. Aw, sometimes we all need a bit of Cinderella in our lives. By the way, I may need to add the Sandra Dee version to my sappy, happy film collection.

Father/Daughter pedicure

Henry Dashwood: I think I owe you a rather large apology.
Libby Reynolds: Do you think I've waited 17 years for an apology?

Young London!

Ian: Why are trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out? 


I know the line is cheesy but what 17 year old (or 47 year old) wouldn't melt with that one?

Glynnis and Clarissa- they are such a Payne!

Glynnis Payne: I know my daddy was naughty, but what about me?


Clarissa: I can't believe that little impostor is going to ruin my summer!
Fiona: She may be a lot of things, but I can't believe impostor is one of them. Technically, she's 39th in line to the throne.
Clarissa: Really, Fiona. 38 people would have to die for her to be queen.
Jane: Well, it's far less than the 72 you'd need.
Clarissa: Hmph! 

Colin Firth

What a girl really wants of course is Colin Firth. And I guess if he is really too old for you, then having him as your Dad would be the next best thing????

Seeing him dance in this is very funny. Not quite as hilarious as seeing Hugh Grant dance in Love Actually and Music and Lyrics, but pretty darn funny in a "cover-your-eyes-and-peek-through-your-fingers-embarrassed-for-him" kind of way. Oh, those pleather pants!!!

 Henry Dashwood: Remember when I told you how groovy I used to be?

Cat fight!

Glynnis Payne: Now Daphne, we don't want to make a scene now, do we?
Libby Reynolds: Take your hand off my daughter or you won't get a scene, you'll get a Broadway Musical!


So here's to having a little fun and spotting Dame Eileen Atkins in a lovely little role as Henry Dashwood's mother. Now I need a few of you to fess up that this is one of your "happy night" films too. I know you watch it!


  1. This caught my eye as I just watched this for the first time last weekend here on our UK TV! Loved every minute - anything with Colin Firth gets my vote!.

  2. One of my favorite films too. So sweet. And Colin Firth, of course. No words are necessary...:)

  3. a lovely movie, loved the family traits between father and daughter, loved the story. maybe Colin and Hugh can take dance lessons from Bill Nighy? :D

  4. I love this flick too. I used to think I watched it mostly just because my teenage granddaughter likes it but that's not it. It does bring back just a little pain as my dad deserted me when I was 6 and then an endless supply of horrible step-dads. But if I'm in the right frame of mind and who wouldn't be with this cast you can't help but love the family aspect of this show and Colin. smiles....
    I love when Amanda pushes that scuzball in the water. great. Unfortunately real life doesn't always follow suit but it would be nice if ex could get along like that.




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