Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Emily Blunt- Actor of the Week

Emily Blunt's career has been taking off in the last few years. First known to most of us as the scene stealing receptionist from The Devil Wears Prada, Emily has done many recent films, both period and modern.

Emily Blunt as Emily in The Devil Wears Prada

Emily: Andrea, my God! You look so chic.
Andy Sachs: Oh, thanks. You look so thin.
Emily: Really? It's for Paris, I'm on this new diet. Well, I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

Emily Blunt as Prudie in The Jane Austen Book Club

As Prudie, the uptight French teacher who has never been to France, Emily gave emotional depth to the role of an unsatisfied married woman toying with having an affair with a student in The Jane Austen Book Club.

Prudie: Being the only child of a woman who gave birth in a commune after changing her name to Skygirl, I've come to loath hippie-handie crafts.

Emily Blunt as The Young Victoria

In The Young Victoria,  Emily Blunt is luminous as Queen Victoria at the beginning of her reign. As the young and headstrong monarch, we can forgive Emily for being so much taller and good looking than the real Queen Vicky. This is an incredibly well done film and the costumes and locations are to die for.

Queen Victoria: I am young, but I am willing to learn, and I mean to devote my life to the service of my country and my people. I look for your help in this. I know I shall not be disappointed. Thank you.

Jason Segal and Emily Blunt in Gulliver's Travels

I didn't see Gulliver's Travels which was released in 2010. A modern take on the classic tale, it stars Jack Black as Gulliver and Emily plays Princess Mary. It didn't get very good reviews which is too bad as with a cast like that it could have been really wonderful. Anybody else see this one? Is it a good one to see with the kids?

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in The Adjustment Bureau

I found The Adjustment Bureau pretty edge-of-the-seat exciting. Emily Blunt plays Elise, a ballet dancer who is not supposed to meet or fall in love with Matt Damon's character David Norris, a politician. Of course, this is exactly what she does. And "The Adjustment Bureau" wants to fix that. Uh-oh!

Elise Sellas: Were you just looking at my legs while I slept?
David Norris: I was helpless against the dress.
Elise Sellas: It's a skirt.
David Norris: It's a belt! 

Emily Blunt with Ewan McGregor in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is one of my favourite flicks this year so far. I may have to purchase this one as I look forward to seeing it again with some DVD extras. Great chemistry between Emily and Ewan!


We will see even more of Emily in the next little while. She has a film with Colin Firth coming out next year called Arthur Newman, Golf Pro. I wonder whether they will be donning American accents for that one! Any other films you have enjoyed Emily Blunt in? I loved her cameo in The Muppets as Miss Piggy's receptionist. Adorable! Here's to more films from the girl with the "sly eyes". Perhaps with her new hubby John Krasinski from The Office ???


  1. I LOVE Emily Blunt! Very excited about the upcoming films with her, too.
    Have you seen Sunshine Cleaning or Wild Target? Loved both. As for Gulliver's Travels , I personally did not like it, but the kids may do.

  2. I have to second Sunshine Cleaning, with the luminous Amy Adams. I'm immensely fond of both Blunt and Adams, so it was wonderful to see them together.

  3. @ Marina and Kim- I wondered about Sunshine Cleaning. So glad I can add it to my list! And Wild Target too. I love it when my readers can add their personal recommendations. Thanks!

  4. Just saw her in the Five Year Engagemnt! She does a lot of movies with Jason Segal, doesn't she?

    Thank you for this list, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and the Adjustment Bureau look real interesting. I'll have to check them out!

  5. i've seen her in all mentioned except for Gulliver's Travel and Salmon Fishing in Yemen (the latter i'm sure to look out for). another untoppable chameleon. loved Amy Adams in Enchanted.

  6. I think Emily Blunt is an absolutely breathtaking beauty. Have you seen My Summer of Love? Her character is so sinister and crazy and you just don't know what to make of her!

  7. I've only seen her in 3 of the above films....The Adjustment bureau, The Devil Wears Prada and The Young Victoria. of those 3 The Young victoria is my favorite. I just think that is such an amazing movie. I of course, like usual, didn't even realize it was the same person in all of these. I really seriously must be visually impaired as well as unable to remember names.

  8. Emily is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses. I loved her in the Jane Austen Book Club, and she was wonderful in Victoria and Albert.

  9. Liked her in Devil Wears Prada and loved her in Young Victoria. I have got to watch Salmon Fishing in Yemen.

    I definitely see Emily Blunt as an up-and-coming actress.

    Great profile--loved the movie quotes.

  10. Hi all you Emily Blunt admirers! I just re-watched The Young Victoria last night and I loved it even better than the first time I saw it. Sigh! May have to watch The Jane Austen Book Club again too. Emily Blunt and Hugh Dancy are both awesome in that one!

  11. When I was in England in May, we visited Arundel Castle in Sussex where several of the scenes were shot. I have to rewatch it now.

  12. Lover her, she reminds me of Kate Winslet (maybe it's the voice) though she is great on her own, no doubt about that. She made a great young Queen Victoria.

  13. I think Emily Blunt is a wonderful actress and have for many years. (I think I first saw her in Foyle and Poirot) (For some reason I particularly love the way she plays scenes, where her characters are emotionally destraught (i.e. Young Victoria, Jane Austen book club) - she plays it so well, breaking voice et al, that you forget everything but the sorrow and misery she exerts to the screen. She breaks your heart and leaves you with a lump in your throat.)

    I recently watched Your sister's sister, a little indie from 2011, which I found really good. When I left the theatre, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It is superbly acted by a small cast of tree (EB, Rosemarie DeWitt and Mark Duplass) and feels very spontanious and realistic (I suspect due to vast amount of improv). It also has a kind of open ending, which I love; it means anything can happen. :)

    1. Hi SHS! Thanks for the recommendation. I too love Emily Blunt. I just watched Young Victoria again and The Devil Wears Prada. She is brill in both. And Jane Austen Book Club is a wonderful vehicle for both Emily and Hugh Dancy.




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