Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Downton Abbey Season 2: Episode Four

Matthew returns from the front
Well, we knew the war would come to Downton eventually. After being sent "over the top" Matthew and William don't make it out unscathed. They both do make it back to Downton eventually, although it takes some doing by Violet to get William back from the hospital in Leeds.

Daisy does the right thing!
Some of the finest acting in this episode was from the actress playing Daisy. She is understandably reluctant to let William know her true feelings, yet she does the right thing and brings everyone to tears at the end.

Bates and Anna in church
They are really leaving us hanging about Anna and Bates. Are we waiting for the divorce to be finalized? Well that leaves the door open for Vera to stick her evil snoot in again doesn't it? Hmmmmm. Very silly of Bates to pay her off before he was actually divorced and remarried. Lovely scene with them praying for Matthew and William.

"Is this an instrument of communication or torture?"
The best lines (and the comic relief) came from the Dowager Countess again. Bless Maggie Smith for her talent. She seems to relish every line she is given! Best lines from this episode:
  • "I am no Jacobin revolutionary. Nor do I seek to overthrow the civilized world. We just need one bed for a young man from this village."
  • "It always happens when you give these little people power. It goes to their heads like strong drink."
  • "Is this an instrument of communication or torture?"
  • "Sometimes we must let the blow fall by degrees."
  • "I hope it's not vulgar in me to suggest that you find some way to overcome your scruples."
  • "I have a cold." Sniff!

Nurse Mary and Matthew- tender moment
Interesting to see the drama playing out between Matthew, Lavinia and Mary when his "medical condition" is revealed. A lot of code words bandied about! And poor Mary had to go and admit her sins to slimy Sir Richard Carlisle (the predecessor of Rupert Murdoch, and just as icky). Her future takes another swerve!

Mrs. Hughs takes food swiped from Downton to Ethel and her baby

Other quotes from this episode:
  • "I'd rather have the right man than the right wedding." Love Anna and Bates!
  • "I feel I've led him up the garden path with all that nonsense. I'm ashamed, I'm so ashamed." Poor Daisy.
  • "I'm not standing by while she brings misery and ruin on my lady," O'Brien huffs. "You started it all," Thomas responds.
  • Thomas wants to shake William's hand before he dies. "Is that sentiment or superstition in case he haunts you?" says O'Brien
  • "Have you got a handkerchief? I never seem to have one in moments of crisis." Poor Lavinia!
  • Vera Bates calls Anna a "floozy". Harrumph!
  •  "My husband works for them. We're not on good terms." Vera, really! Not on good terms?
  • "I don't think asking permission is his strongest suit." Oh dear Mary, Sir Richard really is a slimy one.
  • "It seems such a long time since I turned you down and now look at me - an impotent cripple stinking of sick. What a reversal. You have to admit it's quite funny." Not really, Matthew.
  • " I'll die if I can't be with him."

Daisy at the wedding
 Bless you Daisy. I think she really did love William after all.


  1. I agree that Daisy loved William. There was not time for her to admit to herself.

  2. @Jenny A very sad episode! Poor Matthew and William! My heart always breaks for Mary because she loves Matthew very much and she has tell Sir Richard about her sinful past. He is awful and there is clearly no love between them both.

    Kate, Leeds




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