Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Downton Abbey Doll House on YouTube

This Downton parody set in a dollhouse (and created by two 16 year old girls) was featured in the British newspaper The Guardian last week for those who couldn't wait for the new series to start. It starts slow but hang in there and you'll be in stitches by the end of Part 1. I particularly like the Mrs. Patmore & Daisy scene and the Pamuk & Mary scene.

It may help to have this character guide as reference:

Lord Grantham-Bunny in red jacket
Lady Cora-Bunny with hat
Mary-Bunny in red dress
Edith-Bunny in pink dress
Sybil-Bunny in yellow dress then yellow dungarees
Matthew-Chubby cat in blue coat
Violet (Dowager)-Duck with hat
Isobel (Matthew's mother)-Cat with purple hood
Mrs. Patmore (cook)-large badger type thing with ruffled hat
Daisy(scullery maid)-Hedgehog in dress
O'Brien (Lady's maid) -Otter in blue dress
Mrs. Hughes- (Housekeeper)- Grey mouse in flowered dress
Mr. Bates (Valet)-Dog in pram
Mr. Carson (Butler)-Large mouse with yellow waistcoat
Thomas (Footman 1)-Penguin with red coat
William (Footman 2)-Penguin with green coat
Branson (Chauffeur)-Otter with bad Irish accent
Maid Anna-Grey cat in red dress
Maid Gwen-Grey puppy with pencil and note book
Pamuk (Turk)-naked Hedgehog

And here is Episode 2 (still cute but not quite as funny):

Apparently the little animal characters are called Sylvanian Families. By the way, I am feeling envious of that doll house. I think there is a 12 year old girl still inside me!

And in my opinion, the Lord Grantham bunny in the red waistcoat looks amazingly like Hugh Bonneville!


  1. That was very funny! I remember those toys from I was a child. Those girl's must have had a terribly fun time making that.

  2. Glad you liked it! Yes, they must have had a lot of fun especially since it must have taken a big investment of time and effort! They seem tickled that it is getting so much attention.

    I think they may have careers in film or drama in their futures.

  3. those were hysterical....and yet it shows real promise. i loved it.

  4. Fantastic! The casting has been made with great sensitivity... :D

  5. @Kata- It's hilarious, but I think they did put a lot of thought into choosing the little characters! Adorable aren't they?




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