Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

BBC's "The Way We Live Now" with Matthew Macfadyen, Cillian Murphy and David Suchet!

The Way We Live Now by Anthony Trollope, Adapted by Andrew Davies
Here is another one of those wonderful BBC adaptations which you either love, or you haven't yet seen. So which category do you fall into? I really adore this one. It romps along, probably due to the fact that the scriptwriter is my beloved Andrew Davies, and who better to wrestle this wonderful book onto the screen for us? It is also perfectly cast with David Suchet (well known as Hercule Poirot) as financier Augustus Melmotte, an immigrant to Victorian London who not only wants to make big money, he wants to be a Member of Parliament in order to really fit in with the upper crust!

Matthew Macfadyen as bad boy Sir Felix Carbury in The Way We Live Now
Matthew Macfadyen really gets to have some fun as the bad boy for a change. As the gambling, manipulative rake Sir Felix Carbury, Macfadyen really seems to be enjoying himself. Apparently the character in the book was detestable, but you can't help but like Sir Felix and sort of root for him to finally get his act together.

Shirley Henderson as Marie Melmotte being wooed by Sir Felix- I want that dress!
Shirley Henderson is hilarious as the daughter of Augustus Melmotte, wooed for her money by Sir Felix, she is impossible to take one's eyes off of. A bit over the top but in a really great way, Marie Melmotte really comes into her own at the end!

Cillian Murphy as Paul Montague, Victorian Engineer in The Way We Live Now
The rest of the cast is peppered with gems such as the ever pretty Cillian Murphy as the idealistic Paul Montague who just want to build a railroad, dammit! And Paloma Baeza is radiant as Hetta Carbury, sister of Sir Felix who has to choose between good old cousin Roger mouldering in the country or the pretty boy who travels the world. Hmmmm....who shall she chose?????

Try to ignore the horrible American accent on Miranda Otto's Mrs. Hurtle, and concentrate on the wonderful Jim Carter as the lovable Jewish gentleman Mr. Brehgurt and the grasping Georgianna Longestaffe (played to perfection by Anne-Marie Duff).

Anyway, can you tell that I liked this one? I'd pop it in the DVD player right now, except Spooks/MI5 is about to come on PBS and they are on the ones with yummy Adam Carter (Rupert Penry-Jones) running around catching spies. So.....bye for now!


  1. When I first watched this one, I didn't know what to make of it. I found Suchet to be a tad annoying (not his acting but his character). But I did enjoy seeing Macfadyen - I think this was the first role I'd seen him in. I loved Cillian and Paloma's relationship and I was amused by Shirley Henderson (as always). It definitely has a different flavour than some of the more traditional period dramas but I did enjoy it!

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Having a different flavour is really a good way to describe this one. You can tell it was written by a man can't you? It has a similar plot-line to Little Dorrit (the crooked financier and the greedy investors wanting in on a "sure thing"). Also sounds like Bernie Madoff, so apparently we never learn even though tales such as these have been warning us for over a century!
    My husband was a little so-so on this one, but he didn't like the ending. My sister loved it, so...there you go.

  3. I'll have to check this one out. I love Shirley Henderson! She's played so many lovable, and many not so lovable characters, that she's just a delight to watch. The idea of seeing Matthew MacFadyen play a bad boy, really seems interesting to see for a change.

  4. Hi Lady Toe Socks!

    If you like Shirley Henderson and Matthew Macfadyen, you probably will enjoy this one. It has become one of my faves so I thought I should revisit it. Shirley's foreign sounding accent in this is hilarious too as she pronounces three syllables in Wed-nes-day!
    I may have to watch it again now! The Victorian dresses are to die for too. Just once I would love to swish around in one of those skirts!

  5. Loved it! I'm currently watching Upstairs Downstairs. Also very good. I'll have to check out Vanity Fair next, after your endorsement. Thanks Jenny!

  6. Glad you loved this one Olga! Let me know what you think about Vanity Fair.

  7. ["Apparently the character in the book was detestable, but you can't help but like Sir Felix and sort of root for him to finally get his act together."]

    I didn't. I found him rather loathsome.

    1. OK, I guess it was just me who liked Matthew Macfadyen as the bad boy in The Way We Live Now. To each his own! :)




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