Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Migraine Movies- Jane Eyre 2006 and Emma 2009

Jane Eyre 2006-Toby and Ruth
Ah, the migraine movies. Those nights when I come home from work with my right eye feeling like it's going to pop out and a slightly upset tummy. I need a certain type of film. One of my faves is definitely Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility as the music alone will soothe me. The latest Pride and Prejudice will also work as it has the gorgeous music and is very easy on the eyes. Much as I love P&P 1995, the voice of Mrs. Bennet is too grating for migraine soothing.

This week, I think I was partly guided to Jane Eyre 2006 because the new film version will be coming out in Toronto next weekend, so I was already sort of in the mood. So all 202 minutes of wonderful Jane Eyre later and at least 3 separate weepy moments, I was happily exhausted and ready for bed.

Emma 2009-Romola and Jonny
So last night, when I had again worked a full day and still had just the last dregs of migraine left (migraine hangover I like to call it) I needed another film. So I grabbed Romola and Jonny (Emma 2009), knowing full well that I couldn't finish the whole miniseries in one night, but I gave it a good try. I made it through 2 episodes although I admit to dozing off during the Coles's party. I was lulled to sleep by Emma singing and playing the piano and only woke up when Jane Fairfax had finished exhibiting her talents.

There is something wonderful about a familiar story with gorgeous music and locations that are sheer eye candy. There is always a place for grittier films, just not when you are ill or feeling low. That's when you need the good old soothers. I'm feeling better this morning, but now I have to finish Emma as the last bit is soooooo the best part. When I don't have time for the full miniseries, I just play the ending on Youtube. If you have time for just the ending, here is the proposal:

And now for the adorable ending. Oh that Romola is so spot on as Emma. Her facial expressions alone are worth watching it for:

And here are a few other lovely soothers for when you are feeling poorly:

North & SouthPersuasionBridget Jones's Diary (Collector's Edition)EmmaThe Princess Bride (Special Edition)Cranford: The Collection (Cranford / Return to Cranford)ImpromptuGosford ParkThe Importance of Being EarnestAnne of Green GablesJeeves & Wooster - The Complete Series

Have a great weekend and feel free to leave a comment with your favorite "Feeling poorly film"!


  1. My "headache" movie is Casablanca. I think I know every line of dialog by now, and I don't have to look at the TV. Just enjoy the brilliance of such a well written screenplay.

  2. I'm just suffering the last dregs of a migraine myself, so I'm in the right mood for suggesting! I like your choices.
    My choices: anything starring Jeremy Northam, and especially Emma 1996, Glorious 39. Also: Tess (1979), I Know Where I'm Going (1945), The Secret Garden (1993).

  3. I too like to watch selections the "Anne Of Green Gables" trilogy as well as "Persuasion" whenever I am feeling dull. I spent a rain-soaked morning watching "Shakespeare In Love" last Thursday. That movie has so many elements of loveliness, that it's a fantastic distraction.
    I went to see "The King's Speech" for the second time last night and saw the preview for "Jane Eyre" it looks fabulous and I look forward to your review. I loved Michael Fassbender in the television show "Hex." Even though his character was horrid, he is so dreamy.

  4. Great suggestions! I knew there were other kindred spirits out there who like to soothe themselves with a wonderful movie when they are feeling a little low. Casablanca, The Secret Garden, Emma 1996, Shakespeare in Love...those ones I have! The others I have to check out. They sound great!

  5. Austen adaptations are definitely soothing for the battered in body and mind, though I agree about Alison Steadman's Mrs. Bennet! I also like Room with a View, Enchanted April, and I Capture the Castle as medicinal movies.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions Jane. I just ordered Enchanted April, so that may be my next migraine movie, although I hope it's not for a while.

  7. I am so glad to have found my way to your blog! Your list of soothers are my favorites too! The only one I haven't watched is Impromptu. I just watched North and South and was wondering what rock I was living under to have gone without knowing about it so long!

  8. Hi Amisha! Welcome to my blog!
    Impromptu is a rather hilarious biopic about Chopin. It has some heart achingly gorgeous music in it and also some comedy. The lovely Emma Thompson plays one of her best characters in this flick and Judy Davis is awesome as George Sand the love interest of Chopin (Hugh Grant!)
    Now I am going to have to watch it again and review it as I think a lot of others would enjoy it too!


  9. I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from migranes, Jenny. I do love your list of movies, Bridget Jones's Diary is most definitely on my list! Anything Jane Austen related makes me feel good!

  10. Hi Jenny,it's Kate here. My favourite films & period dramas I watch when I'm unwell are:
    Sense & Sensibility 95
    Pride & Prejudice'95
    North & South
    Jane Eyre'06 - my favourite period drama!I love to watch this with chocolate and a cup of tea! Toby Stephens is lovely!
    Little Dorrit'08
    Downton Abbey
    Victoria & Albert
    The Young Victoria
    Little Women '94
    Serendipity - This is a great romantic comedy.
    While You Were Sleeping

  11. Also love to watch,
    Ballet Shoes
    Sliding Doors
    Gone With The Wind
    Bette Davis films
    Judy Garland films.

    Kate (Leeds, England)

  12. Hi Kate,

    Great suggestions! I love Sliding Doors, V&A and almost all of your other suggestions. I have never seen Ballet Shoes! Is that the one with Emma Watson? I'll take your recommendation and see that one soon!

  13. Ballet Shoes is a lovely film and Emma Waston is in it. Enjoy!

    Kate xxxx

  14. Whenever we have a "snow day" from school, we call it a "jane eyre" day....and watch the whole 1983 BBC Timothy Dalton (sigh!) Jane Eyre.


  15. @Jenny - I haven't been well recently, so I have watched P&P '95 and Emma '09. I might watch Little Women '94 and Jane Eyre '06 to cheer myself up!

    Kate, from Leeds. xx

  16. @Kate- So sorry you have been feeling poorly. I know how much you love both Jane Eyre 06 and Emma 09. P&P is always a wonderful way to spend a few hours. And Little Women is in my queue for the holidays! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Chocolate and tea time?

  17. I might have some chocolate soon and I'm always drinking tea because I find warm and comforting. I'm a little fed up so I might watch Top Hat again or another musical, Oliver? I'm saving Little Women for the holidays, like you!:) Wish people would understand my love for Fred & Ginger, Ballet or many other things I love but sadly they look blankly at me. Sigh...

    Kate, Leeds. XX

  18. Hi Kate,

    Oh, a good Fred and Ginger film is wonderful medicine. Your comment reminded me that I still have to see Ballet Shoes with Emma Watson. It looks adorable.
    As for hot drinks, I am with you there. Always a pot of coffee in the morning (I have one now) and always a pot of tea after dinner. I love an afternoon tea break too but rarely have time for that!

    Take care and all the best.

  19. I've got ear ache so I'll watch a comforting film.

    Kate (Leeds) xx

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. lol'er this brings alternative medicine into a new light...peace and good health to all. normally sleep is the only break for me when i'm not well but these are also some pretty good suggestions - always with some positive results. (and the same goes for good blogs and bloggers)

  22. Getting a cold so I need to watch something nice. Downton Abbey? A musical? x

  23. I always watch North and South (2004) in these kind of situations. :)

  24. Hi Jenny, Happy New Year! Its snowing and very cold in England at the moment. Brrr! I'm all cosy and warm with my hot water bottle and my Downton Abbey DVDs.

    Kate from Leeds xx




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