Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

P&P Tours- Will take you to filming locations of your fave adaptations!

Longbourn, home of the Bennets, P&P 1995
Imagine, if you will, a tour which takes you to various filming locations of all of your favorite adaptations of Jane Austen novels such as P&P 1995 and S&S 1995.  Imagine attending a Winter Ball at Longborn (pictured to the left) in full Regency dress if you wish.  Then imagine, if you will, a tour group which goes the next step, and takes you to locations of other productions, such as North & South and Cranford.
This brilliant tour company, called very appropriately, P&P Tours, may be your next vacation if this sounds like your cup of tea.
If you want a taste of what they do, here is a link to a video of theirs which struts their stuff.  They do things like visit the lake where Mr. Darcy dived in and gave us the memorable "wet shirt" scene.  They will take you to Netherfield, Meryton and even Rosings and Hunsford Parsonage and combine it with talks from people actually involved in the filming of our favorite adaptations for some interesting personal anecdotes and inside scoops.
Some upcoming events feature not only the Winter Ball and supper at Longborn, but also carriage rides and a visit to the Bath Christmas Fayre.
Have I got your attention yet?  Their "Box of Delights" tour in April features not only a visit to Longborn (P&P 95), but a visit to the Railway Station of the best kiss ever from North & South,
The Kiss from North & South
Helstone, Uppercross from Persuasion, Hollingford and Hamley Hall from Wives & Daughters, Hartfield from Emma 2009 (a favorite of mine, the gorgeous Squerryes Court) and Meryton/Cranford-same place!  They even have a Miss Potter tour of the Lakes District and London in September 2011.
Helen Porter and Maddy Hall run this amazing tour company, but word is they may only operate until 2012, so check it out now if this looks like your cup of tea.
I'll leave you with one more image to tantalize you...
Hartfield, Emma 2009 (Squerryes Court)

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