Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)

Pemberley (Lyme Park, Cheshire)
Oh, to be in England...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 3 in Portland at the JASNA AGM

Reproduction costumes from the Georgian era
 There was a lovely display of reproduction gowns at one end of the "Milsom Street Regency Emporium" which was set up all during the gathering so that if you had a few minutes to spend, you could browse the gowns, or shop from some of the vendors.

More gowns....

...and more gowns...

...and more gowns.  Lots of eye candy here.

Reticules for sale, amongst other fripperies

A bit of antique china for sale, if you have room in your luggage

One gown for sale, the other seeming to be worn by Charlotte Palmer

I really didn't have to sew those damned reticules after all!!!

Gorgeous gown but it was over $300, so I'm happy with my eBay buy.

This photo doesn't do justice to the cute spencer jacket.

Lovely handmade cards done in watercolours.

Display of books for sale from Jane Austen Books
 Jane Austen Books has a lovely website if you want to visit.  Here it is : Jane Austen Books

Many JASNA chapters had their own items for sale for fund raising.

Yes, I quite agree.

Cards and T-shirts for sale all over- and cute too!

Care for some jewelry?

This was taken at the end of our first breakout session today.  Susan Jones and Kathleen Anderson on the left, did a very entertaining dramatic presentation by Mrs. Allen and Catherine Morland respectively, on "Avoiding Mayhem on your First Trip to Bath".

Rebecca Morrison-Peck and friend (looks like Sir Walter Elliot to me).  Rebecca owns The Thatched Cottage, a vintage and reproduction clothing store.  I got a fan from her to go with my gown.
My fan from Rebecca's store (The Thatched Cottage) which she got from Versailles on a trip to France to buy vintage clothing and a pin made out of an ivory counting chip (used for genteel gambling!).
Two other great breakout sessions today were firstly one by Sarah Parry of Chawton House Library, touring some more outrageous English Country Houses and converted  Abbeys.  The second of the afternoon and last of the gathering for us was our friend from yesterday, Allison Thompson, on the "Rules of the Assemblies".  What a great presentation with people from the audience demonstrating how a few of the more popular English Country Dances were performed.  Much better idea of the real thing than you get from the films.  Well done Allison!

Well, must iron my dress and yes, my shoes arrived at last, so my shopping at Nordstrom's was just for fun, and not out of neccessity.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the photos from the Bal Masque tonight.  I hope I can blog from the airport...

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  1. A quick hello to your photographer! Great pics and I've enjoyed the blog too! Let her know I'm about to watch Sense & Sensibility, as that's about as good as it's going to get in Terrace Bay this weekend! Hope you both enjoy the rest of your trip!!




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